About My Legal Quotes

When our team of ex-lawyers ventured out of working in private practice into the freelance legal arena they began realising that their client following and expectations now required from them understandably having the luxury of a fixed abode and comfort of a law firm to service instructions and therefore began matching the vast aray of clients righ the way from private individuals to local and international businesses to the modern day entrepreneur in today's digital tech arean and of course everyone else who so happens to fall in between this wide spectrum with quality lawyers from their personal network built over their careers.

Over the years they quickly realised that most individuals busninesses or founders of new tech companies had no idea which lawyers were any good or whether the fees quoted were fair and reasonable for their particular job and therefore My Legal Quotes has been launched as a modern day legal tech quotes services provider in the legal industry.

We're here to help individuals and businesses select and hire the best quality lawyers and have collectively dipped our hands into our own pockets and invested our own money into the venture as we believe in the vision and anticipate quick growth over the next year or so and have now opened our office in the heart of Birmingham.

Like some of the other new tech companies out there we’re disrupting the legal industry using an online marketplace. Not only do we help Individuals but also businesses select and hire the best quality lawyers at half the price of some of the city firms out there we can also help quality lawyers who run small boutique practices without the overheads of the traditional law firms and of course those savings in costs and fees are passed directly on to the clients and we need your assistance to spread the word.

Current openings

There are currently no job opening however if you wish to send in a speculative application then you can do so to team@mylegalquotes.co.uk and we will of course contact you as soon as an opening matching your profile arises in the future.