What is My Legal Quotes?

My legal Quotes operates a quality network of lawyers who offer quality expertise with costs at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay if using other city firms due to their business set-up and lower-overhead expenditure to be able to pass on the benefit to you. We’re a team of lawyers ourselves and we select interview and vet every quality lawyer who joins our platform. Individual and businesses together with in-house legal teams use My Legal Quotes to quickly tender out their legal work to our quality network lawyers.

Why we built My Legal Quotes

As lawyers ourselves we experienced inefficiencies and difficulties in the legal profession first hand. Clients are frustrated with the lack of transparency and high legal fees whilst deep down lawyers also feel sympathetic on internal firm charging policies making the system unfair to clients.

Technology has certainly levelled the playing field in so many areas of our individiual and bsuiness lives and law and the legal profession should not be any different and we therefore need to embrace this change. We are of course lawyers who wish to change this and focus on ensuring that all quality lawyers who are registered on our platform are experts in their fields but also share My Legal Quotes philosophy of providng a quality service with transparency and efficent costs quoting and pricing and higher pupose for clients.